Intro to Digital Literacy


Essential Question: What is Digital Literacy Class?
Massachusetts Digital Literacy Standards, America Library Association, Common Sense Media, others.
: Slide Presentations, Circle Discussions, Exit Ticket Reflections
Learning Objectives: Students will:

  • Understand the meaning of "Digital Literacy" as defined by the American Library Association

  • Understand the component skills of Digital Literacy as defined by Common Sense Media

  • Understand the goals of the course, an outline of its activities, and the role of the final project

  • Be able to to describe the course goals, activities and projects to a family member or friend

Summary: For most students, this course is their first encounter with the term "Digital Literacy". This may be their first invitation to step outside the online technologies they swim in as fish swim in water, and separate who they are as people from who they are becoming as participants in a world increasingly defined by digital technologies and information sources. Literacy, broadly, is the fluency to participate with effective intent.

1 What is Digital Literacy?


Essential Question: How do we bring our Community Commitments (character traits) to Digital Literacy class?
Springfield Renaissance School Community Commitments
: Circle Discussions (alternate: use forms for Commitment Made, Commitment Kept)
Learning Objectives: Students will:

  • Consider how character traits are called for in the context of Digital Literacy class

  • Participate in a "Tier I" Restorative Circle

  • Attempt to choose, hold, and reflect on a character trait.

Summary: In computer class, students are usually using computers, except during Circle conversations. The urge to "multi-task" needs to be addressed early on, because the material is unfamiliar and the level of conversation and flow of content is often more challenging than core classes. A Tier I circle early on helps establish that we are people first, students second, and that the experiences and feelings of students in class will be valued by their teacher. We're all in this together.

2 Digital Literacy: CC's and Circles

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