Fake News Fitness Plugin #1

Lesson Plan

Learning Targets

  • I can use the Fake News Fitness plugin to analyze the surface of a page

  • I can make a surface judgement about whether to trust a page


NOTE: Your first use of the Fake News Fitness plugin is to make a "surface" judgement about the page without reading it deeply or examining the evidence it links to. You're "judging a book by its cover."

  1. Install the Fake News Fitness plugin to Chrome (or Edge, allowing Chrome Extensions)

  2. Pin the Extension (click the "puzzle piece" icon to do that) - you'll see a red F/N button.

  3. Find an article to evaluate and click the red F/N button. A form should show up at right.

  4. On the Form's Actions tab, switch from "Default" to "Surface" and Save/Reload

  5. Note which Section 1 Tab form fields are filled, and what they mean. Ask questions.

  6. Fill any empty Section 1 form fields with what you can pull from the page.

  7. Switch to the Section 2 Tab and record your judgements of the page.

  8. Add any Trust/Mistrust Markers (you made a list last class, and some are listed below).

  9. At the bottom of Section 2, give an overall Trust Rank to the page, and explain the main reason.

  10. Use the Actions Tab (or buttons) to save to Google Drive, or copy/paste the data to a Word doc.

  11. Share the new document with your teacher, or copy/paste the data into an assignment.

  12. Discuss your experiences and questions with the class.

Articles to Evaluate