Trust / Mistrust Markers Lesson

Lesson Plan

Learning Targets

  • I can recognize trust and mistrust markers in web-based articles.

  • I can describe trust and mistrust markers using web page vocabulary.

  • I can correctly classify trust and mistrust markers.


  1. Recall role of Misinformation in hurting our response to COVID19

  2. On a slide, brainstorm things on web articles and pages that make us mistrust or trust them.

  3. Open Today's Assignment, a Trust-Mistrust Note Catcher with URLs

  4. On the slides, go through 4 mistrust and 4 trust pages, see what markers we find.

  5. Add to our list with new markers on a slide. Try to find example pages for them.

  6. Submit the note-catcher in Classroom.

  7. Complete the 10-question Exit Ticket.

5 FNF: Trust and Mistrust Markers
Anonymous: Trust and Mistrust Markers (Responses)

Assignment: Trust and Mistrust Markers T Chart

This is a list of URLs from slides we are looking at, followed by two lists of "Markers" (things you see on the page that "mark" it as to be trusted or not).

  • When you identify a marker, begin it with the number to the left of the URL where you saw it, as with the "Daily Caller" example.

  • You can use more than one marker from a page if you find more.

  • When we’re done going through the pages on the slides, you can add other Trust and Mistrust Markers, either without [urls] (if you don't have page examples) or by adding more URLs to examples you find.

Trust and Mistrust Markers T Chart