New Fields for Plugin #3 "Detailed":
Claims, Evidence and Reasoning (CER)

Detailed Form: New Fields

Lede Paragraph: This gives context for the claim, although the claim may not be given there.

Focus Claim Summary: For this assignment, choose one claim from the Lede or from within the article and summarize it.

Evidence Links: This is evidence given by the article for the claim. "Only Content Links" might be empty, or might have many links. Keep only links that support the claim you're evaluating. Or, delete all, and add yours back below the list.

Summarize the evidence as you see it, or copy/paste an expert summary if you can't understand the evidence. See the example at right.

Reasoning: Summarize the reasoning connecting the evidence to the claim. If the reasoning is not explicit, say what is implied in the article.

Claim Validity Rank: The 5 options at the top of the right-hand column are explained below in blue. This is the linked help page, reached by clicking the question mark icon at the top.

The Five Claim Validity Ranks

At the top of the Actions tab is a place to rank whether you consider that the article claim you chose to focus on is supported by the evidence and the reasoning connecting that evidence to the claim. There are five options given, followed below by detailed explanations of what that rank means.

  1. OK: Reader: You verify that the evidence is trustworthy, and the way the evidence supports the claim makes sense to you.

  2. OK: Experts: The evidence is by expert you trust, and the way the evidence supports the claim makes sense to you.

  3. Bad Reasons: The evidence given is clear or trustworthy, but you don't see how it supports the claim being made.

  4. Bad Evidence: The evidence given is not trustworthy (or marked as bad), so it does not support the claim.

  5. No Evidence: The link to the evidence is broken or un-reachable, so there's no support for the claim.

After choosing one of these, briefly explain why you gave that rank.

Questions for Later

If this article linked to bad evidence, maybe there's another article you can find that makes the same claim, but has better evidence? You could make a note to go do that.

Are there any questions raised by this claim that need further investigation? If another student were going to comment on this document after you save it, what would you like them to think about and respond to?