MS Digital Literacy

The following is a map of a 10-week middle school Digital Literacy curriculum for non-core course offerings (humanities / electives / specials). Click on each images to go to the cover pages for each section. The underlined terms refer to Massachusetts Digital Literacy strands.

Computing Devices:
Intro to Digital Literacy &
The Smartphone Revolution

Interpersonal & Societal Impact of Tech & Safety & Security:
Dangers of Social Media

Online Research & Digital Tools:
Disinformation in
News Media and Social Media

Collaboration & Communication:
Final Project


Computer Science standards are covered in elementary schools in Springfield (through a CS for All collaboration with UMass/Amherst). Middle school implementations are not standardized. In some Springfield schools, students return for high school students who choose Coding for their Science track, training for either the AP Computer Science A (Java) or the AP Computer Science Principles exam.

The Digital Literacy "Humanities" course takes place in a "quarter" (10 weeks) and covers some of the Digital Literacy standards from the Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Framework for grades 6-8.


Unit 1: Computing Devices

Intro to Digital Literacy & The Smartphone Revolution

  1. Intro to Digital Literacy

  2. How Computers Count

  3. How Smartphones Changed Us