The Fake News Fitness Story

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This section supports the DLA Convening 3 Session #1 Presentation of the MVP. The video below has sections speeded up to stay within 12 minutes.

Recent FNF lessons can be found by clicking Curricula, then FNF Plugin Lessons.

The Search Engine Algorithm lesson is a transition from studying "The Social Dilemma" which looks at social algorithms and the business model that drives sites to share misinformation to get "eyeballs".

Trust/Mistrust Markers is about the "surface" of web articles: students share markers they agree on are evidence for trust or mistrust, and teachers add to this, and correct misinterpretations, also with the caveat that "you can't judge a book by its cover, or a website by it's markers." You have to open it up.

DIKW is about the process of sense-making: moving from data (surface) to information (decoding messages) to knowledge (connecting to what we know - lateral searching and claim=>evidence=reasoning) to wisdom (deciding whether to trust, and what to look for next).

There are 3 Plugin Configurations: Surface, Thoughtful (Lateral Searching), and Detailed (Claim=>Evidence=>Reasoning tracking, or CER). The new curriculum and plugin were piloted twice this year, with 2 pilots coming up.

Fake News Fitness Project Timeline: 2016 - 2022

Case Study and Evaluation of First Pilots

FNF 2.0: Abstract
FNF Pilot Report.docx

Pitch Deck for First Version 1.0 (2017); Video Demo of Version 2.0 (2022)

Fake News Fitness Pitch Deck (full)

FNF Plugin Config 2: "Thoughtful" - In the second FNF Plugin mode, we search for information about the author and the site, and make more judgement calls.